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Our offices are conveniently located in the South Loop and Lakeview neighborhoods of Chicago. All of our office locations are accessible by public transportation and offer parking lots for driving. We also offer online services through our virtual offices. You can access arrival instructions for our therapists’ physical office locations or the links to their virtual offices by clicking the corresponding images below.

South Loop

47 W Polk St Chicago, IL, 60605

for Alyssa Alvarez, Drae Laws, Erica Cole, Raechel Pierce, Raquel d’Escoto, Sarena Korni, Kathleen Truby, and Izabella Bebenek


1300 W Belmont Ave, Chicago, IL 60657

for Gwendolyn Hickey, Natalia Gurmendi, Erica Cole, Izzy Jimenez, and Rebecca Swanney

Virtual Offices

for all clinicians


Insurance benefits verification

If you would like to use your insurance benefits, Roamers Therapy LLC will need to verify your benefits before your first session. To begin the process of benefits verification, please click the link below.