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Interpersonal Issues Therapy in Chicago, Illinois

We are never alone; even when we are completely by ourselves. Other people are always a big part of our lived experiences. As we are unable to control or predict others’ behaviors, it is inevitable to have interpersonal issues from time to time. Sometimes, we have to grow up with an overly controlling parent. Other times, we have to find our way into a professional department that has existing cliques and power struggles. In some cases, these issues are apparent as day, like a nosy neighbor watching us from their window or being shy about expressing our feelings to someone we are crushing on. In other cases, these experiences may be excruciating, like suspecting that we are not properly paid at work but not being able to say something or moving to a new city/state/country and having to learn how to interact with people who have a completely different culture by bits and pieces through numerous excruciating interactions. 

Some examples of interpersonal issues include: lack of trust, interdependence, disrespect, avoidance, alienation, poor communication, jealousy, bullying, gossiping and nosiness, toxic behavior, shyness, romantic conflicts, isolation, social anxiety, cultural conflicts, controlling behavior, deception, financial conflicts, group dynamics or cliques, peer pressure, fixations, adaptation, poor boundaries, power struggles, and political clashes.

This means that each person has to go through numerous interpersonal issues over the course of their lives. Therefore, it is extremely important to understand the role of interpersonal relationships in our lives and protect ourselves against negative mental health impacts of related issues. At Roamers Therapy Chicago, we hope to help you navigate  interpersonal issues while providing tools for healthy coping mechanisms and conflict resolution techniques.

The treatment options that can help are psychotherapy, medication, and support groups.

At Roamers Therapy, we serve clients residing in Illinois that are going through interpersonal issues by offering and conducting psychotherapy and referrals to support groups. In addition, we may also assess and make referrals for you to seek medication if we notice you would benefit from medication, if appropriate and deemed medically necessary. 

We are proud and committed to take a culturally sensitive approach to help communities of color in Chicago such as Black, Indigenious, and People of Color (BIPOC) navigate how interpersonal issues are experienced in their own unique way. We notice that there is a special approach to helping the BIPOC community navigate treatment for interpersonal issues.

We encourage you to reach out and get acquainted with our therapists and book an initial appointment. We would be honored to share the journey and gift of therapy with you and help you manage the change and impact of interpersonal issues.

While our offices are located in the South Loop neighborhood of Downtown Chicago, Illinois, we also welcome and serve clients for online therapy from anywhere in Illinois and DC. Clients from the Chicagoland area may choose in-office or online therapy and usually commute from surrounding areas such as River North, W